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Research Projects


Social policy, social stratification, components of the population wellbeing and manifestations of inequality in Russia: analysis of interrelations at various stages of the life cycle (ТЗ-16). Project leader: O. Sinyavskaya

Informal social and economic practices of labor migrants in Moscow (ТЗ-17). Project leader: E. Demintseva

Monitoring of the changes in population incomes, expenditures, consumption and employment (ТЗ-102). Project leader: L. Ovcharova

Development of proposals on measures of demographic and family policy, and on promotion of active longevity (ТЗ-103). Project leader: L. Ovcharova

Development and examination of proposals to change the methodology for determining the minimum consumer basket and measuring poverty and cross-country comparisons of poverty level and factors (ТЗ-114). Project leader: L. Ovcharova

The impact of family policy measures on the reproductive intentions and behavior of the population (ТЗ-141). Project leaders: O. Sinyavskaya, Vishnevsky A.G.

The forecast of pension system development (ТЗ-142). Project leader: L. Ovcharova

Analysis of socio-economic mobility and prospects for middle class`s expanding (ТЗ-143). Project leaders: L. Ovcharova

Monetary and Non-Monetary Inequalities in Modern Societies: Objective Situation and Subjective Perception by the Population (ТЗ-144). Project leader: L. Ovcharova, V. Gimpelson, S. Shishkin, I. Froumin

Brain drain" and homecoming. Migration of students and highly qualified specialists (ТЗ-147). Project leader: E. Demintseva



Analysis of social and economic inequality and redistribution policy, evaluation of the standard and quality of life of different social groups, and research of the factors of a healthy and active ageing (ТЗ-16). Project leader: O. Sinyavskaya

 Opportunities for socio-economic integration of migrants in Moscow: the main barriers and the strategies for overcoming (ТЗ-17). Project leader: E. Demintseva


Development of human capital in the Russian Federation (ТЗ-94). Project leader: L. Ovcharova

Analysis of the economic, financial and consumer behavior of different economic and social groups of the Russian population (ТЗ-106). Project leader: L. Ovcharova

Monitoring of Russian households’ poverty, incomes, social well-being, and consumer preferences dynamics (ТЗ-112). Project leader: L. Ovcharova

Development of proposals on measures and budgeting of active aging policies (ТЗ-113). Project: leader: L. Ovcharova
Аннотация _ТЗ-113_англ.docx



Analysis of the demographic and socio-economic behavior of households at different stages of the life cycle and assessment of social and tax policies impact on the dynamics of the standard of living and its differentiation, Principle Investigator: O.V. Sinyavskaya

Methodological recommendations for developing an efficient system of social support for the population at the expense of budgets of the budgetary system of the Russian Federation, Head of the project: L.N. Ovcharova

Analysis of the targeting criteria in the provision of social support at the federal and regional level, Head of the Project: L.N. Ovcharova
Аннотация _ТЗ-107_eng.docx

Monitoring of Socioeconomic Behavior of Russian Households and Social Problems of Childhood, Head of the Project: P.M. Kozyreva, Y.M. Roshchina

Migrants in a metropolis: Opportunities for socioeconomic integration in the city. Comparative analysis. Russian and international experience,  Head of the Project : E. Demintseva

Monitoring of Russian households’ poverty, incomes, social well-being, and consumer preferences dynamics,  Head of the Project: L.N. Ovcharova

Evaluation study for the main socio-demographic and economic categories of the Moscow city  population as well as the analysis of models of their adaptation to new economic conditions. Project leader: L.N. Ovcharova. The project is done for 'Analytical Center', Moscow.

The development of the idea of the Unified State Social Security Information System, Project leader: L.N. Ovcharova. The project client: Inter-regional Information Center of Russian Pension Fund.



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